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What our customers say

Great lawyer. Helped me so much. Grateful. Thanks, Burckhard.

-D. Nelson

Burckhard law has been a calming voice during times I experienced stress or overwhelming panic. Mr. Burckhard truly strides above and beyond common expectations to provide the best legal counsel I have ever received. Burkhard law maintains this thorough service while providing a calming voice in times of strife. Absolutely Would recommend.

-K. Barron

Mr. Burckhard handled my case very efficiently and kept in contact often. He was able to get a quick solution to my case and ended up only charging me half of what the contracted amount was! I highly recommend Thomas for all of your legal needs as he will be able to get you the best results!

-C. Klein

Mr. Burkhardt is a fantastic attorney, and I don’t say this lightly. He truly takes care of his clients and is beyond fair. He also makes you comfortable and reduced anxiety during the legal process. Highly recommend him!

-C. Randolph

Thomas is very professional and knowledgeable at what he does! I highly recommend his services and law firm!

-A M

Thomas Burckhard did an awesome job defending me. I would recommend him to anyone!

-A. Wesley

Tom is an amazing Attorney and I highly recommend him to anyone!

-N. Torres

Burckhard is Awesome I’m glad I got him as attorney.

-H. Boser

Thomas Burkhard was an amazing lawyer, he accomplished what we needed in a short time!

-C. Gustafson